The Infinite Love Vision

Love and happiness are your birthright, the core of who you truly are. While this often gets lost in the hectic pace of modern society, with the right persistent intentions and tools it can be rediscovered. Many of the religions and paths out there have teachings centered around principles that are best utilized for people on a path of renunciation (i.e. a monk). This is great if you are a monk, but most of these teachings are what people are learning and trying to apply while living a life path of integration (growing spiritually while living in society). If you don’t understand that there are different rules that apply (and how to apply them) between these paths which have some things in common and some different (and one is not necessarily better than the other, but many will feel more called today to the path of integration), you are not going to maximize your potential to be a Light in the world. Whether you are new to spirituality or have been on a path for 20 years, Infinite Love Healing and Soul Plan are complimentary to any existing legitimate spiritual practice and do not go against any non-dogmatic religious views. Both serve as very powerful and also very unique catalysts that can be used for massive growth and evolution by helping people from all walks of life, but especially those on a path of integration, to gain the perspective, tools, understanding, clarity, and inspiration to really reach towards their highest ability. If you are ready to learn how to integrate your highest ideals into your daily life with more joy, ease, and true embodiment, Adam is here to connect with you and guide the process to help you truly empower your life.

Meet Adam

Adam is the founder of Infinite Love Healing, one of the world’s most powerful healing systems, a Tantric Hatha Yoga Teacher, Advanced Soul Plan Practitioner, and Certified Laughter Yoga Leader. He was raised in a mainstream, mostly agnostic household where spirituality was largely an afterthought. It took an “early-life crisis” for him to commit to healing his life by deeply inquiring into his spiritual meaning and purpose.

Adam’s Tale

While working in London in 2012, Adam finally hit what had been a multi-year process of reaching rock bottom emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Having largely closed his heart to the world, he felt alienated, lonely, and lost. To make matters worse, he had also developed a chronic, systemic mold infection. Determined to get better or die trying, he moved from London to a hut in the Amazon jungle in Peru, where he had a profound, yet challenging, spiritual awakening.

On this inner journey, he came very close to death – yet in the end experienced the divine power of unconditional cosmic love. This created a shift in the core of his very being, instilling in him a deep conviction in a higher spiritual power.

The Path of the Healer

He moved back to the United States where his physical health continued to deteriorate. Following the prophecy of a young psychic medium who told Adam he needed to look beyond Western medicine and find a shaman to truly heal, the next day Adam bumped into a shaman at a health and wellness center.

This shaman named Lorraine, among many healers who helped him after his initial awakening, proved to be a real angel-on-earth for Adam. She served as a powerful healer and mentor, empowering him on his path to trusting himself and finding his own highest truth. She encouraged him to learn the healing arts himself, rather than rely on her to heal him.

Adam continues to this day to cultivate these ideals of truth, self-reliance, and self-discovery as he guides others in his healing and yoga practice.

As Adam began to heal, he began studying a myriad of books on spirituality and energy healing. In the span of a few months, spirituality went from being a couple of classes of yoga per week to his life’s mission. He deepened his study of the great spiritual teachers, such as Eckhart Tolle, Adyashanti, and the ancient yogis of India.

He became a Reiki master, studied Integrated Energy Therapy, Quantum Touch, Triple Action Life Force Healing, a self-healing method called The Healing Code, EFT, and Access Consciousness, among other systems.


Infinite Love Healing is Born

While driving on the New Jersey Turnpike to visit his grandmother one day, Adam was struck with a flash of intuition. All of a sudden, he saw a way to make greater changes to his subconscious than what is possible with systems such as Access Consciousness, a subconscious healing system centered on letting go of limiting beliefs.

He discovered a different way to let go of limiting beliefs – a deeper way to tap into the myriad layers of the subconscious. Putting the idea to the test, he had phenomenal results.

With this technique that would later form the basis for Infinite Love Healing, he finally healed remnants of PTSD that he had tried to cure with only partial success using all of the systems mentioned above. Adam was suddenly able to think about the traumatic incident and not experience any influx of stress whatsoever.

Excited to share his discovery, he offered healing exchanges with many well-respected healers in the Washington, D.C. area – and received outstanding feedback. After the initial “Aha! moment”, the floodgates opened. Ideas poured in through his intuition and various other sources on how to improve the blossoming new technique.

Before long, Infinite Love Healing was officially born in April 2014. One month later, Adam taught the first class of Infinite Love Healing to twelve people. In June 2014, Infinite Love Healing was exceptionally well received at the annual spiritual festival KarmaFest in Maryland.

Shortly thereafter, Adam decided to deepen his spiritual quest and moved to India for the next two years.

Journey to India

After travelling the country for many months, he stayed in Shri Kali Ashram in Goa, a traditional tantric yoga school where they learned ancient tantric wisdom. There he was trained to teach a unique form of Hatha Yoga called the TriDosha Balancing Sequence, designed to bring a person to a space of greater harmony by balancing out any imbalances in a person’s body, mind, and soul.

He also met his Soul Plan teacher, who trained him to give Soul Plan Readings as a certified Soul Plan Practitioner.

During his time in India, Adam grew tremendously. While he learned many things, the one thing he learned above all else is the vast importance of opening your heart to others. If you’re closing your heart, you’re closing yourself to the magnificence and benevolence of Life itself.

Adam’s Message

“I am here here as a healer and yoga teacher to help you wherever you are on your journey in life. Whether you are dabbling in the world of spirituality for the first time or have a lifelong meditation practice and are interested in subconscious healing work to integrate what you know is true more into your daily life, or to receive your Soul Plan to take everything to the next level, I have been blessed with tools that have served as catalysts for massive growth in hundreds of people I have worked with, including especially my own. One of my main goals in life and motivations everyday is to help people to find the greatly increased joy, peace and Love I have found in my life since getting thrown into the spiritual pool by the Universe. If anything on this website piques your curiosity even a little bit, let’s connect and talk…I am here to help, am honored and blessed to serve you and others as my contribution to the world, and look forward to getting to know you and connect!”

Tantric Hatha Yoga

Discover the art of true relaxation as you balance out the energies within your body. With this ancient yogic practice using deep breathing and the power of the subconscious to integrate body, mind, and spirit, stress and strain simply fall away.

Ease Into Your Body

Laughter Yoga

Most children laugh 200 – 300 times a day. Yet the average adult? Only 10 – 15 times! Lighten your day and improve your health with the best medicine there is. Laughter Yoga reduces stress, increases blood circulation, and releases feel-good neurochemicals that uplift your spirits and reconnect you to the joy within.

Laugh It Up!

Prenatal Yoga

Connect with and nourish the body and soul of your baby. Gentle stretches, relaxing breathing techniques, and soothing meditations reduce back pain, nausea, and headaches to finally give you relief and peace of mind. Prepare your body and mind for the smooth delivery of your happy baby.

Nourish Your Connection