Do you want to go in-depth with Infinite Love Healing to heal both yourself and the suffering of those in pain? Do you want to help bring people out of a life stuck in fear-based beliefs – and into a life of joy, vitality, and love?

You have the ability to transform your own life and the lives of those around you – far more than you could imagine. Infinite Love Healing is an integral system. In addition to having elements unique to it alone, Infinite Love Healing combines and expands on knowledge from many powerful healing systems and techniques, including Access Consciousness, Theta Healing, EFT, and others.

Integrating them all into one unified whole, Infinite Love Healing synergistically assimilates them to allow deep subconscious transformation to truly blossom.

The Infinite Love Healing Certification Course is taught over the course of two back-to-back weekends. You are highly encouraged to take both levels of the class if possible, as Level Two greatly expands on what is taught in Level One.

In Level Two, you gain a much greater understanding of how to use the conscious mind in tandem with the healing system to maximize results, healing others and yourself on an even deeper level.

In the Infinite Love Healing Certification Course, you will:

  • Learn how to use Infinite Love Healing, its clearing statement, and all of its myriad uses
  • Learn how the subconscious mind functions and how to work with it
  • Work on removing your own limiting beliefs, traumas, and conditionings so you can help others do the same
  • Give and receive healings to and from other people in the class, activate dormant DNA, and learn how to activate the dormant DNA of others
  • Learn how to use Infinite Love Healing to heal yourself in your sleep to heal with no effort involved!
  • Find out how to strengthen the positive effect of your affirmations many times over
  • Learn ways to tune yourself to light and love with ease throughout the day
  • Receive the Dhyanyogi Downloads
  • And more…

When is the course?

Level 1 will be held on Saturday, August 6th and Sunday, August 7th, from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. One week later, we will teach Level 2 on Saturday, August 13th and Sunday, August 14th, from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

And where?

Both Levels One and Two will be taught in Columbia, Maryland, at Kelly’s Healing Office, located 10440 Shaker Drive, Ste. 203.

Your investment in yourself

In fact, this is more than an investment in yourself. When you know Infinite Love Healing, you have the power not only to heal yourself, but also the suffering and pain of those around you.

Your investment for each level of this transformational subconscious healing system is $200. However, we are offering a discount to those of you who are committed to transforming the lives of those around you. For both Level One and Level Two of the Infinite Love Healing Certification Course, your investment will be only $333.

Partial scholarships (or in rare cases, full) are available to those in true financial need. If you are truly dedicated to taking the class and using Infinite Love Healing, but can’t afford the price, contact us and we will review your case.

Want to learn more about the course?

Here are the details of what you’ll get in each level…

Level One

  • Receive the Infinite Love Healing Level One Heart Attunement. This removes deep-seated blockages, opening your heart and soul to greater dimensions of love.
  • Gain deeper insights into working with the subconscious mind on various levels and dimensions.
  • Learn the Infinite Love Healing clearing statement and its deeper meaning, significance, and capabilities.
  • Receive a healing session clearing away your limiting, fear-based beliefs. This deep, broad clearing removes beliefs across all levels of your being, leading to a more positive outlook towards life and potential transformation.
  • Give a limiting belief clearing to another student in the class.
  • Give and receive a healing session to clear the energetic imprints of negative cellular memories (i.e. traumas) that is the number one cause of physiological stress, keeping people locked in the past.
  • Activate your dormant DNA – and learn how to activate dormant DNA in others.
  • Become able to give a basic Infinite Love Healing session both to yourself and others.
  • Learn how to do energetic clearings and how to ground yourself after giving Infinite Love Healing sessions – or any healing work on others.
  • Receive The Dhyanyogi Downloads, created to carry people more “into the light”.
  • Learn how to create a whole brain state in healing, as well as tools like heartwave music that can help to enhance the healing process.
  • And more…

Level Two

  • Receive the Infinite Love Healing Level Two Heart Attunement, further opening your heart and expanding its power.
  • Discover and utilize deep inquiry methods using the conscious mind to uncover the deepest limiting beliefs and limitations lying at the root of the subconscious. Pracice helping clients to more deeply question and uncover their own limiting beliefs.
  • Learn to use these inquiry methods together with Infinite Love Healing’s clearing statement to make maximally profound changes in the subconscious belief system.
  • Understand how to use ILH to quickly unplug and detune the mind from fear-based energies and people – and how to then tune into more loving energy.
  • Learn many more categories and uses of Infinite Love Healing. In Level One, you learn the most fundamental types of healing you can give others. In Level Two, you dive deeper into the other categories, as there are dozens you could use in a session, depending on their needs. These include clearing limiting beliefs, pain body energy, negative energetic connections with others, soul contracts, and many other forms of conditioning.
  • Get trained in deeper clearings within individual levels of the mind and/or by chakra.
  • Discover how to give a more advanced Infinite Love Healing session using certain relaxation and visualization techniques inspired by Yoga Nidra.
  • Learn to use guided meditations and vivid imagery to lead clients into profound states of meditation.
  • Get specially selected guided meditations to use the right brain’s imagination for deeper levels of subconscious healing.
  • Receive special tools unique to Infinite Love Healing, such as: Light Shine, to greatly help the effectiveness of any affirmation; Forgiveness Prayer, to embed forgiveness into the subconscious mind; and Pyramid Belief Sutras, to embed positive beliefs into the subconscious mind.
  • Learn Sleep Healing: how to make your own night healing tape to help you heal in your sleep with no effort involved!
  • Discover the little-known, but very effective, healing method called The Leland Method – and how to use it in conjunction with Infinite Love Healing for maximal curative effect.
  • Give and receive two healing sessions of Infinite Love Healing.
  • And more…

As you can see, there is a lot to this powerful subconscious healing system. We endeavor to fit as much valuable content as possible in this course to give you the tools to truly transform the lives of those around you.

Are you ready to be a force for love and harmony on this planet?

Become an Infinite Love Healer