Connect with Your Highest Destiny

Are you ready to gain the clarity, healing, insights, tools, and/or inspiration needed to take your life path to a whole new level and really step into the life of your highest potential and destiny?  To live your life of greatest joy, peace, deep fulfillment, purpose, and Love?  Connect with Adam directly…He is  happy to be of service and answer any questions you might have about the offerings or to schedule a life transforming session with you!

Adam´s Contact Info:


WhatsApp: +502 319 14 300

Session prices:

Soul Plan Reading- 2 Hours- $153 

Infinite Love Healing: First session of 2 hours- $153

Follow-Up Sessions: $80 per hour (minimum 1 hour)

Life Force Breathing Online Group Classes: $25 per person for the first of each of the two sequences (including handout of the breaths covered)

Follow-Up Sessions: $15

Infinite Love Healing Level One 8 Hour Training Online: 135$ Early Bird, $153 Normal

Soul Plan 3 Day Practitioner Training Online- 445 British Pounds (as all Soul Plan teachers authorized to teach by the Holistic Healing College charge)

I work with people who are in financial difficulties either living in countries where there is much lower average income (such as Central America or India) or are unemployed or underemployed on a sliding scale basis.  If this is you, please do not let the prices above dissuade you from reaching out (the sliding scale depends on the exact country and circumstance so for that reason I am not listing it here but it is always my intention to find a price that is a great deal and investment for the person receiving while also honoring the value they are receiving and my right to make a living).

All sessions require a 20$ non-refundable deposit and any cancellations or rescheduling for non-emergency or sickness reasons need to be at least 24 hours ahead of the session.

FB: Message Infinite Love Healing or Adam directly (Adam V Trope)…

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