“Everything in your life is a blessing…if you believe it is.”

Do you have resistance to the quote above?  Most people do, because society as a whole has trained people to see the world in a very fear based way.  But I can show you that the above quote is true.  Let’s do a little mental exercise on it:

Imagine somebody you know who is extremely negative about everything in their life.  Somebody you probably don’t love to spend lots of time with because they are always complaining about things, even when things go their way.  Somebody who sees life as a life-or-death, frustrating set of personal insults and punishments from the universe.  Do you have a person in mind?  Most people can think of somebody.  If you can’t, then make somebody up with an extremely negative attitude in your head.

Can you see that no matter what happens in that person’s life, that they are not going to be happy with their current attitude?  Can you see that it does not matter what good happens to that person: they could get a promotion, win the lottery, get a super attractive new romantic partner, win a free cruise to the Greek Islands, all on the same day…Maybe for a very short time their inner critic would slow down, they would be a little more content, but soon within minutes or hours or days they would start looking for problems and/or start complaining about whatever it was that happened to them.  The promotion came too slow and with not enough respect, the partner has flaws, the cruise leaves too far from the person’s house,

This person has internalized negativity to such a degree that external events, even very “positive” ones, are not going to make the person that much happier.  The problem is not with what is happening or not happening in the life of this person, it is in their own mind.

Most people are thankfully not this negative, and so they can be swayed by the good that happens in their life to feel better and be more optimist.  This is an improvement over somebody who effectively believes that everything in their life is out to get them (which is effectively saying that everything in their life is a curse).  However, it is a far way away from the potential opposite of the example  of the tortured soul that I describe above (God bless him or her and all of the people you are thinking of…may they all find inner peace and happiness).

If something holds true in the negative, then it must also be true in this case in the positive.  So if you can clearly see that somebody with the mindset that “Everything is a curse” in their life (even if they would not say it exactly like this) is creating their own unhappiness and discontentment no matter what happens in their life, effectively creating a self-fulfilling prophecy, then the same principle must apply in the opposite scenario of somebody who believes “Everything in my life is a blessing.”

The universe works in self-fulfilling prophecies in the long-run.  Thus the quote from Henry Ford, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right either way.”  So if somebody believe “Everything in my life is here to help me, even the tough stuff, it’s all a blessing in disguise.” then that person will start to manifest that.

They will look for the silver (or golden lining) in their lives of every situation or thing that happens to them.  They will see opportunities where a person stuck in negativity or more caught up in dualistic highs and lows will not see because that person will be too focused on what went wrong.  Their positive mindset and attitude will give them an inner sense of peace and a radiance that makes other people more helpful towards them.  They will be more in flow with the universe and thus with synchronicity.  They will see things as a chance to learn and grow and take the lesson out of every situation, good and bad.  They will see life as an opportunity to develop trust, acceptance, surrender, generosity, and gratitude.  This inner aceptance and embracing of life as it is will uplift them and cause them to be content and more and more at peace through the good and the bad.

A person living life believing that everything is here to help them still has preferences (the Buddha or truly ascended masters aside).  They might still prefer things to go a certain way, prefer certain foods, or spending time doing some things more than others.  But there will be a detachment from these expectations and preferences when things don’t go exactly as “preferred” as the person will realize that the real gold is in flowing with life…Life is an adventure to be lived and not a threat.  Maybe even some negative emotions can come up with a person embodying this: they feel sad at the loss of a loved one or disappointed in the outcome of something temporarily.  But a person who is in-flow and attuned to the benevolence of the universe will be able to experience these emotions and even enjoy feeling sadness or disappointment without clinging onto them, as the trust that this too will work out for them will always be there in the background.

This is a radically different way to be in the world than we are trained by society (which trains us to see everything through a fear-based and very dualistic lens), but it is not just wishful thinking.  It is perfectly logical, as your mind will create your reality and create self-fulfilling prophecies: good or bad (and everything in-between).

Are you creating your highest potential self-fulfilling prophecies for your greatest high good and based on love and trust?  Or are you creating something else?  The conditioning that blocks us from thinking in what I call “Love loops” is deeply embedded into the vast majority of our subconscious minds…Love has self-fulfilling loops of thinking and so does fear.  So it can take time to reverse our thinking process and attune to Love-based beliefs (this is why I came up with The Nine Master Beliefs, to form a complete Love loop unlike anything else I have found out there to shut out fear and retrain the mind in a totally rational way that it cannot find holes in to attune itself to Love and Trust based loops of thinking).

But today’s the perfect day to start.  May this post serve you as a blessing in your life to live the life you want deep in your soul and deserve.