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Uncover the love within

Let Your Heart Blossom

Infinite Love Healing is a dynamic, subconscious healing system harnessing the vast capabilities of your subconscious mind to overcome deep-seated limitations and transform your life. Seamlessly assimilating and expanding on spiritual knowledge from numerous sources and healing systems, Infinite Love Healing combines divine healing energy with the power, malleability, and organization of the subconscious to lead you into a life of greater love and happiness.   Check out some of the many beautiful testimonials at the link here: Infinite Love Healing Testimonials

Infinite Love Healing enables you to:

  • Rewire your mind to bring in more love and light

  • Let go of fear-based beliefs in the subconscious

  • Heal deep-seated traumas once and for all (even PTSD)

  • Transcend negative emotional patterns and conditioning

  • Let go of less-than-loving energetic ties and connections with others

  • Awaken dormant DNA to activate your highest potential

  • And much more…

“My experience is best captured by the quote, ‘The caterpillar sheds his skin to find the butterfly within.’ Not only is Love a state of being, it constantly gets deeper until nothing else exists but Love. The clearing statements and unplugging experiences were completely humbling and inspiring at the same time. Your sessions let me experience how great Love is at a level that I never knew existed, but as soon as I was experiencing the love it felt familiar, like returning to it. Your sessions were just so intensely impactful and healing for this. Thank you with all my heart. Sending you and Carolina lots of love and blessings on your journey.”


The Subconscious & the Soul

The subconscious is far more powerful than the conscious mind. Developmental biologist Bruce Lipton, author of The Biology of Belief, has shown that while the conscious mind processes merely 2,000 bits of information per second, the subconscious processes 4 billion bits per second.

So no matter what spiritual practice you do, to truly heal and transform your life you need to change your subconscious beliefs and energies, not just your intellectual beliefs.

What if you had direct access to the subconscious?

You do. The power of Infinite Love Healing lies in its immense ability to communicate directly with the subconscious and make instant changes.

Infinite Love Healing harnesses numerous tools synergetically, including the power of prayer and a dynamic clearing statement that communicates directly with the subconscious with unprecedented efficiency. It’s like planting a vacuum within the subconscious. With this vacuum, we tell the subconscious in language it understands to let go of fear-based beliefs, traumas, and conditioning.

In short, we clear away myriad limitations, replacing them with divine healing energy to allow you to step into the peace, love, and happiness you want and deserve.

Transform your heart and live a life of love

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Become an Infinite Love Healer

Do you want to go in-depth with Infinite Love Healing to heal both yourself and the suffering of those in pain? Do you want to help bring people out of a life stuck in fear-based beliefs – and into a life of joy, vitality, and love?

You have the ability to transform your own life and the lives of those around you – far more than you could imagine. Infinite Love Healing is an integral system. In addition to having elements unique to it alone, Infinite Love Healing combines and expands on knowledge from many powerful healing systems and techniques, including Access Consciousness, Theta Healing, EFT, and others.

Integrating them all into one unified whole, Infinite Love Healing synergistically assimilates them to allow deep, subconscious transformation to truly blossom.

The Infinite Love Healing Certification Course

There is a new PDF for the latest, truly awesome version of Infinite Love Healing Level One.  Check it out

Infinite Love Healing Level One Description

In Level Two of the Infinite Love Healing Certification Course, you will:

  • Receive the Infinite Love Healing Level Two Heart Attunement, further opening your heart and expanding its power.
  • Discover and utilize deep inquiry methods, using the conscious mind to uncover the deepest limiting beliefs and limitations lying at the root of the subconscious. Practice helping clients to more deeply question and uncover their own limiting beliefs.
  • Learn to use these inquiry methods together with Infinite Love Healing’s clearing statement to make maximally profound changes in the subconscious belief system.
  • Understand how to use Infinite Love Healing to quickly unplug and detune the mind from fear-based energies and people – and how to then tune into more loving energy.
  • Learn many more categories and uses of Infinite Love Healing. In Level One, you learn the most fundamental types of healing you can give others. In Level Two, you dive deeper into the other categories, as there are dozens you could use in a session, depending on their needs. These include clearing limiting beliefs, pain body energy, negative energetic connections with others, soul contracts, and many other forms of conditioning.
  • Get trained in deeper clearings within individual levels of the mind and/or by chakra.
  • Discover how to give a more advanced Infinite Love Healing session using certain relaxation and visualization techniques inspired by Yoga Nidra.
  • Learn to use guided meditations and vivid imagery to lead clients into profound states of meditation.
  • Get specially selected guided meditations to use the right brain’s imagination for deeper levels of subconscious healing.
  • Receive special tools unique to Infinite Love Healing, such as: Light Shine, to greatly help the effectiveness of any affirmation; Forgiveness Prayer, to embed forgiveness into the subconscious mind; and Pyramid Belief Sutras, to embed positive beliefs into the subconscious mind.
  • Learn Sleep Healing: how to make your own night healing tape to help you heal in your sleep with no added effort.
  • Discover the little-known, yet very effective, healing technique called The Leland Method – and how to use it in conjunction with Infinite Love Healing for maximal curative effect.
  • Give and receive two healing sessions of Infinite Love Healing.
  • And more…


In Tulum in Early 2018…Dates and Location TBD

Upcoming Courses

Level 1: TBA.

Level 2: TBA.


Coming soon…

Partial scholarships (or in rare cases, full) are available to those in true financial need. If you are truly dedicated to taking the class and using Infinite Love Healing, but can’t afford the price, contact us and we will review your case.

Are you ready to become an Infinite Love Healer?

This is an investment in yourself. An investment in the lives and well-being of all those around you. If you want to heal the suffering of those in pain, if you want to be a force for love on this planet, this course is for you. Come join us!

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