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Soul Plan

Are You Attuned to Your Life Purpose?

You Are Here For a Reason

Have you ever wondered why you’re here? Why certain situations and challenges seem to pop up over and over again? Perhaps you want a clear direction in life and a definite sense of purpose. You may wonder what your true talents are. Or maybe you’re already an avid spiritual seeker, but not quite sure how to integrate your practices and ideals into daily life. Then Soul Plan is exactly what you need right now.  Check out some testimonials from just a handful of soul moving experiences here: Soul Plan Testimonials

In a Soul Plan reading, you will learn:

  • What lessons and challenges your soul came into this incarnation to learn from and overcome

  • Which talents and strengths you have to overcome your challenges, achieve your goals, and make a large-scale, positive difference in the world

  • The goals your soul came here to accomplish to maximize the positive impact you have on the planet

  • Your Soul Destiny: the core energy central to your soul in this incarnation, as well as the essential attributes and goals of your soul in general – including your path to the ultimate transcendence of duality

“I was interested in the Soul Plan reading, but also quite skeptical; after all, it’s just my name. But after 2 hours, my skepticism disappeared – you explained me better than I can! The reading gave me a lot of confidence and strength to move forward, to believe in myself, and to take the right path. Thank you so much!”


How Does It Work?

Soul Plan is an inspirational system using the vibrations of your birth name, sacred geometry, and numerology to formulate an outline of your challenges, strengths, talents, goals, life purpose, and Soul Destiny.

Originally derived from ancient mystical Hebrew Kaballah texts, such as the Sefer Yetzirah and Zohar, it was brought into the modern age by Blue Marsden and Dr. Frank Alper. Weaving it into the larger framework of non-duality to fully integrate both the relative and absolute aspects of creation, Blue created a versatile system capable of revealing your true purpose in life and how to manifest it.

Your Soul Plan Reading

In your Soul Plan reading, Adam looks and sits with  your chart as a whole to see how it fits together and how you are currently navigating through it. Based on this, and using his experience from over 10,000 hours of spiritual practice and knowledge across an array of different areas related to spirituality, psychology, health, and wellness, Adam helps to share his insights and give you a deeper, and very empowering understanding to help you gain powerful insights into your life and make recommendations for overcoming your challenges, maximizing your talents, and achieving your goals.  Adam always gives readings in the most empowering way he can, with the goal always to leave the recipient feeling clarity on their path, greater acceptance of their past, inspiration and vision for their future, and empowerment to walk into their own unique path and not the path other people set out for them.  The reading helps to get the receiver of the reading more in touch with their own deep intuition about their path (by detaching them from external noise) so that in the future the person is progressively less dependent on external guidance and endless readings and instead more able to trust themselves and follow their own unique and blessed calling to the highest level.

At the end of the session, there is a very powerful grace healing to clear blockages and restore your soul plan’s optimal blueprint, activating your highest potential.

Soul Plan is a guide on your spiritual path, serving as a map to reveal how you are navigating through your life. It reveals to you where and how you can progress more quickly to reach your highest potential in every aspect of life.

Ready to Learn Your Life Purpose?

Discover Your Soul Plan

Expecting a Child?

What if you could help your baby live a beautifully blessed life just through the name you give them? Keep in mind that there are no “bad” or “irreparable” Soul Plans: every name has the potential to lead to a worthwhile life, if a person is able to work through their challenges and fulfill their chart’s highest potential.

However, there are certain Soul Plan charts which give a person stronger chances of overcoming their challenges and using their talents to make a beautiful, lasting impact on the world.

Consciously Name Your Baby

As parents, you give us between two to seven possible names for your soon-to-be-born baby. We read the charts of all the options and see which chart is most in balance, with the highest probability of giving your child a great life full of love and happiness.

We also consider your family dynamics, looking at both your charts to see how harmonious they fit together with each potential name. In the reading, we outline the strengths and potential challenges of each name briefly, as well as our recommendations of which name to choose to guide your child into their greatest potential.

Give Your Child Their Best Life

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Want to Learn More?

If you are interested in learning more about Soul Plan, read Blue Marsden’s book, Soul Plan: Reconnect with Your True Life Purpose (Hay House, 2013).

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