Tantric Hatha Yoga

Discover the Art of Relaxation

Let Go of Stress and Strain

Tantic Hatha Yoga uses postures derived from an ancient yogic lineage thousands of years old to balance out the energies within your body. Integrating profound relaxation, deep diaphragmatic breathing exercises, and a narration style that speaks directly to the subconscious, Tantric Hatha Yoga gently guides you into a space of deep relaxation.


In a Tantric Hatha Yoga class, you will:

  • Release old tensions and anxieties to settle into a peaceful state

  • Balance out the energies in your body to lead a healthier, happier life

  • Increase your strength, flexibility, and balance

  • Embed the art of relaxation deep into your subconscious

  • Meditate with your whole body to truly get in tune with it

  • Carry that state of profound peace throughout your day

“Tantric Hatha Yoga is wonderful! Of all the styles of yoga I have tried, this is the most relaxing and personally enjoyable. It is highly adaptable to each person who picks it up. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a wholesome and fun way to connect with your breath and body! Adam knows how to keep the class fun…his presence is relaxing and enjoyable. “


Tantra: An Integral Path

At its core, Tantra is the path of reintegration with the whole of Life. In a Tantric Hatha Yoga class, the main focus is for you to learn the art of relaxation by embedding a calm, relaxed attitude deep into the subconscious mind while performing the postures, or asanas. By relaxing into your body and into the moment, you become open to and connected with the world as a whole.

Therefore the class is designed as a meditative practice. You are guided by cultivating your connection with your inner self, learning to meditate with your entire body – even while performing what may be perceived initially as difficult physical postures. The meditative, relaxing nature of the practice makes settling into each pose an easy, intuitive process.

The TriDosha Balancing Sequence

Our main practice in Tantric Hatha Yoga is the TriDosha Balancing Sequence. According to Ayurveda, the three doshas are the fundamental energies circulating in the body in varying proportions – so this sequence of postures is designed to balance out these basic energies within your body.

This balancing process allows you to accept your body as it is right now, to stop competing with others (or yourself), and truly love yourself as you are. In each class, we help you cultivate trust in yourself by growing your intuitive awareness as you let your body guide you through the practice.

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