I recently received an email from a woman who was interested in a Soul Plan reading for her (and her daughter), but had some doubts.  I think her questions were really good ones and touch on a few different important topics around the idea of why it is a good idea to get a Soul Plan reading in the first place.  , which I think should give a good overview of my perspective on why Soul Plan is so valuable to myself and many others.  Here is the woman’s question as well as my reply (taking out just a few things specific to her but otherwise pretty much unaltered) which gives a good overview of my perspective on why Soul Plan is so valuable to myself and many others.  Enjoy.

Question:  I’m feeling a little hesitant about the Soul Plan because I’ve had self importance and ego wanting to get a hold of things like that and creating stories. Which rather created new boxes for me to operate inside. Can we know our soul’s purpose with our mind? Is there an idea to find these things for yourself rather than having someone telling them to you? Basically, can you tell me a little more on how the Soul Plan session works?”

My reply: The questions you bring up about Soul Plan are very interesting and good ones.  I will give you my personal perspective on it and you can decide from there.

Your soul purpose here is to grow in love.  You don’t need a session for me to tell you that:)  However, each of us obviously has a unique journey on how we find and attune ourselves to the peace and love within and our own awakening process.

The ego can attach itself to anything.  I remember Eckhart Tolle talking about how he’s met renunciates with bigger egos around being a renunciate than millionaires he knows.  So trying to avoid the ego creating identities and stories around stuff I don’t think really works.  In fact, many times then a new ego voice forms around that, the voice that wants to avoid building up an ego at all cost (that voice can have a lot of fear and self-loathing attached to it)…The only thing that can really sublimate the ego is love and presence.  If we’re honest on our paths, we’ll realize that as we are trying to live from love that any barriers we put up between ourselves and others based off of temporary identities and roles or perceived differences is actually cutting us off from opening our hearts as much as we want.  So we’ll find ways past them and to perceive things progressively from a unity perspective.

I think sometimes spiritual ideals talk a lot about self-denial.  This is in many ways a renunciate concept.  For a renunciate, they can completely step outside of all roles, and really sort of simulate “being a nobody”, which ideally leads then to really becoming a nobody in a self-realized state.  However, even this has many potential pitfalls, as evidenced by what Eckhart Tolle mentioned (and my experience with many renunciates that I met in India).  Also, even many renunciates who do this path at the beginning successfully then end up stepping back into the world and needing to learn to integrate the absolute perspective with a relative identity as a spiritual teacher.  And sometimes this seems to not be so easy or cause some of them problems/scandals/etc….So one way or another we all need to eventually learn to integrate.  

It is not true that you don’t have a relative identity.  You have many of them.  You are a Mom, that’s a role you’re going to play all of your life.  You have other roles you play…your career, with your relationships, etc.  All of those things exist and are relevant in this world.  And yes, the ego can attach itself to any of them.  But it’s not the playing out of these identities that’s the problem, it’s limiting ourselves to these identities that creates the problem .  I believe we can honor these relative identities without warring with them, in fact in a tantric path (meaing a path of living in the world and of integration) we have to, we have no other choice.  But we also need a deeper identity in our lives, one based on unity and unconditional love rather than division or individuality.  If we’re actively realizing and training ourselves (and taking time to find this deeper reality in practices) to be able to see things from these two seemingly conflicting perspectives at the same time, and integrate that in the subconscious, then we can honor the relative path without needing to war with or be afraid of strengthening our ego, while also realizing that it’s just a play, a role we are playing, and realizing that at a deeper level we are all connected and that what you want in your relative role is to progressively embody those more absolute qualities of love, peace, joy, bliss, etc. in your daily life.  Again, only love can do this, it can’t be forced.

Another issue with many readings, psychics, or astrology etc. is that they tend to tell you stories in disempowering ways.  Ways that greatly limit you, or put you in a box, as you said.  I’ve had this happen numerous times in my own life, and it’s taken in the worst of them quite a while (months or in one case maybe even a couple of years) for my ego mind to break free of the constraints that were put on me by well-intentioned but not very emotionally intelligent or (IMO) wise psychics and astrologers.  I’ve seen or heard of many times astrologers give information in super disempowering ways.  For instance, basically just making it seem like because a person has a certain challenge based on their astrological chart that they are basically stuck with it.  Or in astrology I’ve seen astrologers getting overly fixated on very narrow (and often pessimistic) interpretations of temporary phenomenon that could in reality manifest in many ways, but the mind grabs hold of a certain idea and starts making negative manifestations out of it. I’ve even heard of an astrologer telling a woman, “Sorry, I don’t think you’re ever going to be satisfied in this lifetime.”  When I hear stories like this it’s made me in the past very jaded towards any sort of reading.

Around the time of my most heightened skepticism of getting any sort of reading is when I found Soul Plan, or I should say Soul Plan found me.  It was around two years ago, I was in the middle of my India trip at the time and we kept running into this nice British guy named David in Tiruvannamalai.  Couldn’t get away from him…we’d go to eat at a restaurant and it would be entirely full except for two seats next to him, things like that, haha.  He talked to me about Soul Plan and I was intrigued but also not really that open.  Finally, though, the signs seemed clear from the universe I should get a reading, and so somewhat reluctantly I did right before David left the town.  

For me, it was a beautiful reading.  At the time I had been in India over a year and a half and was very into the whole non-dual spirituality path.  I had been getting internal guidance to go back to the West at some point and start doing healing work there, but truthfully I was struggling with it a lot.  When you listen to certain non-dual teachers a lot, you start to feel that nothing in the relative journey matters at all, that basically anybody who wasn’t sitting there in Tiruvannamalai or in an ashram/monastery somewhere trying to figure out 12 hours a day asking yourself “Who am I?” was basically caught up in maya “illusion” and that it was pretty hopeless for them until they turned to a strictly non-dual view of the world.  This, to be honest, was tough for me to handle emotionally in some ways as it was tough for me to accept that all my family and friends back in the West were just somehow totally lost, without any real direction or true purpose just because they weren’t sitting there in India with me.  It didn’t really resonate with all I had read when I studied near-death experiences extensively, yet when you’re immersed in that environment in India it’s very easy to tune into that “there’s only the absolute” viewpoint.   How and why was I supposed to go back to help heal in a world which didn’t matter?

So when I got my Soul Plan reading it gave me that nuanced view of spirituality and life on this planet that I was really longing for.  Soul Plan is a big picture reading, it’s not concerned with the short-term trends in your life, only the big picture.  In Soul Plan (which comes originally from the Kabbalah, or the mystical branch of Judaism), it honors the relative path (in both worldly and spiritual dimensions), while also allowing for non-dual principles to shine through.  Something like astrology can at times do this as well. However, with astrology, there’s so much information, that knowing what to focus on, and how to frame it in a productive way, is very difficult to do. What I like about Soul Plan is that for me it hits that sweet spot of being specific enough to give genuine insights and guidance, but is general enough that it doesn’t feel constraining or limiting.   In Soul Plan, challenges aren’t presented as things which we are chained to.  There are 22 basic archetypes of energies in Soul Plan, each with positive aspects and challenge aspects.  The idea with our worldly and spiritual challenges (as well as all the energies in our Soul Plan) is to use them as opportunities to grow (since our biggest challenges will surface over and over again until we overcome them) and turn them into positive and strengths.  There’s no negative fatalism in Soul Plan, everything is framed as an opportunity.  Also, since it’s a once-in-a-lifetime reading, I love that it gives people a big picture overview of what their soul really came here to do, but doesn’t get caught up in temporary phenomenon, events, planetary transits, etc.  Your Soul Plan gives you a great overview of what your challenges are and basically says “This is what you need to overcome, these are some of the beautiful characteristics of Divinity that you have the potential to actively embody… you have the rest of your lifetime, now go for it.”

In my own personal Soul Plan reading I received from David, it allowed me to see clearly my biggest challenges (which when presented on paper in print to you are blaringly obviously true), and let me really introspect to see how well I had done to shift them and where I could still improve.  It also shed light on a spiritual talent I have which at the time I wasn’t really aware of.  Since the reading that talent has been steadily starting to grow and allowed me to start to blossom more in a role as a healer and yoga teacher.  It also gave me guidance on how to integrate the worldly part of my chart into my life and really embrace coming back to the West and honoring the relative part of my path much more which is all stuff I was struggling with at that time.  Finally, it also gave me a deeper acceptance of my own past.  Seeing that some of the very tough struggles I had had in my life were things I had signed up for and in some ways was always going to experience really let me accept and forgive the past and feel inspired to make the most of my life at a deeper level than I already had.  

After I studied and trained with David to become a Soul Plan Practitioner and started giving other readings, it has also really helped me to gain a much more nuanced understanding of our lives here on Earth.  I see how people are all on their own paths, at different points, with different lessons to be learned here, and yet at the same time that fundamentally all our souls are getting ready (in this lifetime or a future one) for realization back into unity consciousness.  It’s allowed me to help guide and support people in a more nuanced way that honors both the relative path of a person while always keeping in mind a broader, more absolute perspective to help the person incorporate in their lives.  

So should you get a Soul Plan reading?  First off, it’s really a great sign that you are asking that question.  You are on a path of learning to trust yourself, and it’s fantastic to want to get answers from within.  I think ideally, the goal is ultimately to be able to get all the answers from within.  However, we also have picked up so many ideas from so many places about spirituality, how we should be on our spiritual paths, etc.  For me Soul Plan helped me to more deeply reconnect to my soul’s own personal journey/truth for this lifetime, and that in turn helped me to learn to trust myself and tune into what’s right for me more easily and tune out all the different shoulds/shouldn’ts that I had from all the different spiritual cliches and frankly, dogmas that are floating around out there.  For me (and I think many) it’s finding that balance of getting just enough guidance so that you can learn to be true to yourself and start to trust your own guidance progressively more and more.  To me, Soul Plan proved to be a reading which has empowered me and led me to feel the need for less external guidance, not more, which is one of the goals of a good reading in my opinion (to empower the person and not make them more dependent on externals).

So do you need a Soul Plan reading to fulfill your Soul Plan?  No, if you’re being honest and true to yourself to make a positive difference in this world then your soul is already guiding you on some level.  However,  what I have seen with Soul Plan is that it can give some extra clarity to help with acceptance, trust, and really stepping into your own path with an increased level of trust, confidence, and inspiration.  It can at times shed light on patterns which people are only partially aware of, and it can also help give big picture guidance for big life decisions, yet still leaves plenty of space for a person to find their own way and listen to their own intuition and guidance on how to really embody their highest potential.  The grace healing at the end is also quite powerful and for these reasons my teacher would say getting a reading tends to be a catalytic moment that leads to an increased pace of spiritual evolution afterwards.

So that’s my perspective.  You can sit with the information and decide for yourself [Both the woman and her daughter received readings and were very happy with the decision].”